mirrored square

mirrored square

Bhaktapur's Durbar square reflecting into a puddle. Vatsala Durga temple (center) was destroyed by April 2015 earthquake.

2021-02-09: New gallery with pictures from my beloved Nepal

Already filled with many images, it will receive new entries every day.

(I consider Bhaktapur my second home, and I miss it so much!)

good morning Magrej !

2020-10-01: new gallery: "In the garden (lockdown with my phone)".

I'm still here.    

It's time to give light and dignity to some images I took with mobile phone, and I will start with a gallery of shots taken during the Italian lockdown for COVID-19 (march 9th to may 3rd, 2020). 

Life in lockdown was tough, but I was lucky to live it in a very nice and safe place, surrounded by nature.

Maybe my DSLR would have done a better job. 


But the atmosphere was so weighty that I just wanted to walk light. 

Untitled photo

2019-06-07: new images:  From My Window, Visions and Bufo Bufo

Latest Entries

drying pottery clay in the sun

About me

I was born in Italy in 1966. When i was 10 i received the best Christmas present: my first camera. I can't remember which brand it was... sure it was not the best camera on the market but, "what a wonder!", i could record images with that! That was the beginning of a life long passion, growing roll after roll, year after year. Of course the first roll was a complete disaster, so i learned to go around with a paper where i used to write down time and aperture i used for every shot (and what the light meter was saying).

Many years (and rolls and camera and lenses) later that passion is still growing. Nowadays with digital everything is easier, except from making a living with photography. But i just cannot live without shooting pictures: with just one pic, sometimes, you can tell a story, or freeze a memorable moment, or transmit a deep emotion, or explore the simple power of mixing colors... seldom, (rarely, very rarely), you can even trasnmit a kind of emotion that cannot be described with words... that is my concept of art.

Untitled photo

orange happiness

My images

I became serious about photography during my first trip to Tibet. My aunt, a woman who loved to travel and discover, was sick of one of those awful sickness that take your body very slowly. She could not use her legs anymore and asked me to "live it" for her too, to enjoy as much as i could the privilege to travel, to see, to meet... i lived that journey as my first assignment, and bringing my experience back to her was so rewarding that i never stopped doing it even when, years later, she passed away. By that time i learned that my images could help other people to discover, to see, to meet.

When i am taking pictures my goal is to bring an emotion to the viewer. This is the reason why i love to pass a lot of time with the subjects of my photos: i want to offer an insider view, to portrait the inner soul of a person, a place or an event rather than just the surface.


A very important part of my images are taken to tell a story, to report an event.

It may be a small family event or a huge religious festival, my feelings are more ore less the same: i want to report not only what is going on, but also the feeling fluttering over the event and between people.

(go to the Reportage page)


Some images don't tell a story, or maybe they just don't tell only a story. Sometimes they are something that hit the eye, something that most of the times pass by unnoticed but, when seen thru the viewfinder, shows a hidden, unexplored beauty. 

They are what i call "Visions", images that need to be found and discovered.

If you have a look on the gallery, you will find out that most of the times they are a kind of undefined, abstract photography.

Traveling in Himalaya

My first trip in the Himalaya region was more than twenty years ago. I immediately felt in love with those infinite landscape, the rich cultures and, above everything, the wonderful people inhabiting the area. Sometimes i think that the harder is the environment where people grow the sweeter the people are.

Saying Himalaya is, anyway, very generic. The area is huge and divided between five different countries. The environment goes from green rice fields to the barren burned desert of the Tibetan plateau, passing by the highest mountains of the planet, where the human being is just a temporary and fragile guest. It is like a continent, where nature can show his beauty with incredible variety, hosting a good number of rich and colorful cultures.

Twice a year i organize a workshop in Himalaya; all these workshop are open to anybody willing to discover the area and/or learn how to get the most from their cameras. 

Please use the "Contact" link for more details.

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