2015 news archive

2015-12-14: New images added to "Visions", "Portraits" and "Himalayan Views" galleries

2015-12-09: 6 new images added to "Himalayan Views" gallery

2015-11-22: Reportage: "Faces Of Holy"  page and gallery published

Despite its religious origin, Holi festival is a day a pure secular enjoyment. It is believed that the combination of different colours at this festival take all the sorrow away and make life itself more colorful. On this day, Bhaktapur’s streets fills with groups rambling around the city playing music, dancing and, above everything, splashing colors on friends, relatives and whoever passes by...   (more) 

2015-09-03: New gallery "Himalayan Views" published

2015-06-04: Reportage: Bisket Jatra page and galleries published

Once capital of the kingdom, today Bhaktapur is mostly visited for its typical newari architecture. But those who will spend some more time in this lovely city will discover that the origin of its name (Bhagdaon = "city of devotees") is well deserved. Devotion is part of everyday life with a multitude of small and simple acts, ready to explode during the many vibrating and colorful festivals of the nepali (and newari) calendar. (...read more...)  

2015-05-18: "Reportage" page published. 

2015-03-23: New gallery "From My WIndow" published

2015-04-07: the collection gallery "Designer Corner" was divided in "Color" and "Black And White"

2015-04-02: New collection gallery "Designers Corner" published

2015-03-07: New gallery "Clouds" published

2015-02-15: New gallery "Shadows" published

2014-01-25: New gallery "Colors Of Life" published

2015-01-07:  New gallery "Visions" published

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